Cattle and climate change. Photo by:
Cattle and climate change. Photo by:

How to Turn Methane into Fuel with Cattle Manure

The amount of methane and greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere continues to build as our annual temperatures continue to increase above average speed.

Climate change is real, and it is how we each decide to adapt to the changing climate that will lay foundation for future generations.

When problems become solutions real progress takes place.

Farmers in California have found a way to turn their cow manure into fuel for their farm. reported from Bob Giacomini’s family dairy farm north of Point Reyes Station:

“We capture the methane, it’s pumped off and pumped up to run the engine.” – Bob Giacomini

Cattle currently creates 18% of the greenhouse gases being pumped into the atmosphere.

As major fast food corporations produce a large amount of the cattle-based products, it is the customers that purchase these ingredients that create a bigger problem. The advertising and marketing that goes behind the major fast food companies, along with the funding to build multiple locations in cities across the country that creates an unhealthy environment. That unhealthy environment can start with simple decisions to change diets and exercise schedules.

Reusing the methane for energy is one way to help with climate change. A healthy diet is another easy way. The tweet below by the New York Times dives into an article that goes over additional ways to work with climate change.

Watch over TED Talk from Joel Salatin covering this topic, and work on branching out to different culinary options.

Cows, Carbon and Climate | Joel Salatin | TEDxCharlottesville