How to Control Emotions and Personal Growth

Success is a term that can hold multiple meanings to different people. As an entrepreneur, I have found ways to connect success and happiness.

First, I started by looking up the Google definition of success: ‘the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.’

When I saw the word purpose, it reminded me of a conversation I listened to with Joe Rogan on happiness and having a purpose. The video is available to stream on YouTube.

The conversation covered a philosopher known as Bertrand Russell that wrote about a groundskeeper with a purpose that was the happiest person he ever met. I do not encourage animal abuse, but the groundskeeper was fulfilled by hunting the animals that damaged the grounds.

I connected that level of fulfillment with success.

The definition of success shows that when human beings set goals, they can experience success by accomplishing their goals.

For years, I have set undefinable goals for my company because I was afraid of not accomplishing them, and feeling like a failure. After seven years of Web publishing, I am finally ready to stop living in the fear of failure.

Earlier today I spoke with friends and family about success and goals. The majority of them brought up that setting small goals that turn into big goals was their best way to getting them accomplished.

For the past several years, I have limped in with 1-2 articles on average per day. Over the last 6 months I have moved it to 2-3 articles a day on average. After the discussions I had to today with friends and family, I realized that I needed to raise the goal of articles published per day to 6. Along with working another full-time job, the amount of time needed to publish 6 articles a day might be overwhelming at first, but I see myself handling this adjustment well. Next month, I plan to increase the number to 7 articles a day.

As I sit here late in the evening after a long day, I look down at my list of articles to write for the day, and I see five of them crossed out. Once I complete this story it will mark the sixth story of the day.

During my discussions earlier today, I mentioned I have rarely felt successful, and have usually felt humble overall. When I look at the list of crossed out stories, I feel a small bit of success. After completing my goals, and creating a definable purpose for myself, I feel the relief that comes with success.

Joe Rogan on having PURPOSE IN LIFE