Marijuana. Photo by: msqrd2 /
Marijuana. Photo by: msqrd2 /

The Glass is Half Full for Marijuana Advocates

For decades the federal government has been heavily controlled by lobbyists from major corporations. Pharmaceutical companies have been pumping billions of dollars into the economy, and for several years the government has created laws to imprison people for using drugs not sold by the major drug distributors.

Once public demand for drugs started to shift towards marijuana, the drug companies started to take note, and have been shifting their focus more to medical marijuana.


It can be noted that public demand does help influence law though. When consumers shift their demand, the lobbyists go running after the revenue, and the politicians listen to the lobbyists. Overall, the people still control the country.

  • Marijuana is not a gateway drug, but it is addicting. It does provide health benefits for some, but also can be unhealthy if consumed everyday. Marijuana is a lot like alcohol.
  • The level of intoxication from marijuana can prevent some users from reaching their full potential.

On one hand, I’ve seen people excel with the drug. On another hand, I’ve seen smart people sitting around doing nothing with their lives for countless hours. Marijuana use does seem to reduce ones motivation overall.

Now, today is an annual holiday for weed smokers. In states that have legalized the drug, mass rallies are being held around the country.

In states like Illinois, politicians continue to debate and argue on the legalizing the drug.

You may see polls that often show if the general public is in favor, or not in favor for legalizing the drug. Once again showing that public demand is the greatest force in the United States.

Watch over John Oliver covering the history and current trends in the marijuana industry.

Marijuana: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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