Scotland, United States and Additional Countries Work with Honey Bees

Honey bees are a vital part to the ecosystem. They help by pollinating and also play a critical role in maintaining natural plant communities and ensuring production of seeds in most flowering plants.

The BBC reported Beekeeper Gavin Ramsay said:

“Scottish native honey bees are a brown bee with a reputation for frugality which helps them withstand even the dreichest of Scottish weather.

But, like the Scottish Wildcat, it has been getting increasingly difficult to find good pure examples and if we don’t take action to reverse their decline we may see them disappear.”

The YouTube clip goes over honey production infused with marijuana. It provides insight, as well as future ways to incorporate the drug into a healthy substance.

The two Facebook videos showcase honey bees and ways people in San Francisco and San Diego are working with them to create space within the ecosystem.

Stoned Bees Make Weed-Infused Honey