Basketball and athletic shoes. Photo by:
Basketball and athletic shoes. Photo by:

Cleveland Aims to Reclaim the National Championship

The Cleveland Cavaliers have started out hot during the first round of the NBA playoffs. In a remarkable comeback against the Indiana Pacers, the team has one more win before moving on to the second round.

LeBron James and company helped the team comeback from a large deficit in the second half of the game. The Cleveland Cavaliers scored 35 points in comparison to the 17 points from the Indiana Pacers.


Cleveland will now go on to face either the Toronto Raptors or the Milwaukee Bucks in second round competition.

Watch over highlights on YouTube from games 1 and 2, and browse over highlights from game 3 on Twitter.

NBA Game Spotlight: Pacers-Cavaliers Game 2

Best of LeBron James, Paul George From Game 1

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