Can All Hackers Please Focus on the Donald Trump Tax Returns?

Netflix experienced an issue of theft and hacking that took place at Larson Studios, a postproduction service in Los Angeles, during late 2016 or early in 2017.

The hackers will remain anonymous, but the issue of stealing digital files from major streaming networks is a serious problem.

The New York Times reported:

‘Netflix had announced this year that Season 5 of “Orange Is the New Black” would be released June 9, and it was not immediately clear whether it planned to move up the release date.’

Leaked content is a major problem for film and music. Major record labels and studios work hard to get a product ready for a mass market. Hackers could just wait for the new material, and focus their time on hacking informative data, such as Donald Trump’s tax return. But sure, let’s work on getting those uncompleted scenes on Orange Is the New Black out there early.

If hackers need something to hack. Please collect all the environmental data that has been recently deleted from public databases. Please manage and maintain this information with an open source platform.

Netflix, you are to blame as well.

The trailer to season five for Orange Is the New Black is a classic example of divisional media. An example, rap music was filled with divisional lyrics during the mid ’90s to drive a wedge between the police force and the residents they protect.

Additionally, your poor security team should be looking to employee these hackers. If they can breach your system once, I’m sure they can do it again.

A problem that is commonly overlooked is why did the hackers go after this show. Was it low hanging fruit, or did the theft of this show have a level of symbolism?

If I were in charge of securing content for a major streaming company, I would openly store copies of the show in different databases, no one would ever know the final sequence until the air date. I would also encourage hackers to go after the content, it would allow me to view and employee the best hackers. Instead, Netflix will continue to try and control more than needed.

If you do watch the trailer below, make sure to talk with one another about violent imagery. It is a cheap form of entertainment, and it needs to replaced with informative, engaging content.

Orange is the New Black | Season 5 First Look