"After you break, the only way is up." - Peter Morén

One of the best independent releases from 2016 was released by Peter Bjorn and John titled Breakin’ Point.

This beautiful piece of music is available on physical and digital platforms.

I was first turned on to the project when the band got in touch with press materials for the international tour that started in 2016, and has continued through 2017.

We often get press materials from a wide mix of producers and creators in different forms of entertainment. Once I saw that Peter Bjorn and John were releasing a follow up to their 2011 album Gimmie Some, I was instantly interested in what new material the band was going to release.

After listening to almost every single Peter Bjorn and John track, I found myself connecting with Gimmie Some the most. During my first few spins of Breakin’ Point, I was a little hesitant to really getting into the songs, but the more I listen, and find out about the record with this recent documentary, the more I enjoy the music.

During their 2016 tour, I was able to capture some of the songs on film. Watch over the YouTube playlist.

This documentary goes in detail to the work and time that it takes to produce an international, indie pop record. Watch over the 15 minute documentary, and continue to check back to their social media for updates.

Peter Bjorn and John - The Makin' of Breakin' Point