Reduce, Reuse and Recycle on Earth Day

Earth Day first started in the United States in 1970. After building steam, the annual event has been originally credited with starting an environmental movement in the United States, but later went global in 1990 with 200 million participants in more than 140 countries, according to the Earth Day Network.

Earth Day is now celebrated internationally by more than 192 countries.

Communities around the world will work together to help rebuild the environment. Along with helping raise awareness about climate change, the annual event provides a platform for small and large groups of people to find innovative methods to building sustainable communities.

Next, we take a look at some easy ways to get involved with Earth Day 2017:

  • Since today is bicycle today, keep that frame of mind going on Saturday.
  • In Carbondale, Illinois we have a community garden. Taking time to help give back in small ways can create a new level of fulfillment.
  • Setup a recycling area at home. Find out if your city collects recyclables, or if they have a drop off location.
  • Look into renewable energy options. Recently, I picked up a solar power backup that charges smaller devices such as a smartphone. The sun can power many of the items you have at home.
  • Go out to eat, but try something out besides beef. Think about your diet, and try out some new vegetables.

Browse over YouTube clips covering global events for Earth Day 2017.

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