In 2014 the United Kingdom Produced 20 Percent of their Energy with Coal

Traditional forms of energy production are eroding faster than the metal pipes used to extract fossil fuels from the earth.

Recently, the United Kingdom completed an entire day without the use of coal to power the country. The country has decreased their production of coal from 20 percent in 2014, to almost little or no production in 2017.

Renewable energy continues to replace coal for price efficiency.

One counter argument to the progress in sustaining the environment with renewable energy is that countries like the United Kingdom, Iceland, Albania and Paraguay are smaller in comparison to the United States and China. This is true, but if these countries can do it on a smaller scale, there is possibilities it can be done on a larger scale.

The real tipping point is cost.

Solar, wind, geothermal, and hydroelectricity are taking over the energy market in the United States, as well as other developed countries around the world.

The United Kingdom currently uses a mix of natural gas, nuclear, and renewable energy to power their country. The quicker the price for renewable energy drops, the faster developed countries can replace, and hopefully remove traditional methods of unsafe energy production with clean energy.

Watch over coverage by Newsy on energy production within the UK on YouTube.

UK has first coal-free day in over 100 years