Summer Set Music Festival 2017 lineup. Photo by: Summer Set Music Festival / Twitter
Summer Set Music Festival 2017 lineup. Photo by: Summer Set Music Festival / Twitter

The Lineup has Produced Social Media Backlash Over Bassnectar, Jam Music and a Lack of Communication

The Summer Set Music Festival has released a large amount of the artists to their 2017 lineup.

Run the Jewels will be a highlight to the event, and should be the top headliner. GRiZ is also a prime time player, and will throw down an amazing set of live.


After reviewing social media, the response has been bleak overall. This response is similar to other major music festival lineup releases this year, and here is why it is happening.

For decades major record labels had controlled which bands would tour and perform on large stages. As the Internet grew, it provided a stage for new musicians to make their mark, and build an audience. What also happened to musicians is that the major record labels that would pump major promotional dollars behind tours and albums had to extremely reduced their budgets. Over the last two decades, musicians found that working live shows would generate a fair amount of revenue to keep their band going on the road.

But, the money that the indie musicians have been acquiring tends to only pay for social media advertising. This form of advertising is not effective overall. A good term for social media advertising results in ‘vanity metrics.’ These are statistics that make your investment look good, but overall doing little to build growth.

As indie acts grow, save money, and build an audience; they tend to be able to afford outside advertising help from major record labels. An example is how Macklemore used Warner Bros. Records to help advertise The Heist.

A lot of music fans would be happy to see Macklemore and Ryan Lewis added to this lineup for their ability to produce music, properly use their resources, and execute on an international level.

The era of unknown acts blowing up from promotional dollars is over. Darwinism is alive and well in the music industry, and I suggest musicians start connecting more with major record labels to get their music in front as many people as possible.

When more people are aware of your compelling music, it builds a larger audience of people that will support your name on a music festival lineup when released on social media.

Along with the slow motion footage for preview and review coverage, can we all please try something different?

Summer Set Music Festival is hosted by React Presents. Deep down I know they just want to host music events to generate moments and memories for others to enjoy. As a media producer, I can help refine their goals by showing them different ways of thinking and problem solving.

Grab tickets to Summer Set Music Festival via their main website.

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