Google analytics data. Photo by: Negative Space /
Google analytics data. Photo by: Negative Space /

Google offers Knowledge as a Vital Tool to help Complete Goals

Google Partners is a informative platform that allows businesses to gain knowledge within their industry via Google. The Internet can be overwhelming at times, and I wanted to break down some of the features by Google to easily understand.

When setting up an email account with Google, the company allows users to the Google Drive platform as well as many other applications designed by their company.


These applications can be very useful for businesses and producers. From translation to social media, Google provides a large amount of tools for producers first starting out on the Web.

If you feel that your company or brand needs advertising to increase exposure, Google AdWords is one of the best intermediate tools that I suggest learning before using. A good way to learn AdWords is via the training that they and Google Partners provide, as well as creating small test campaigns to see how well search terms, and ads do in different markets.

After you have signed up for AdWords, and have tested it out, some users go on to get certified on AdWords with Google Partners to add to their work experience and résumé. I’ve personally studied and attempted to take these tests. After getting a master’s degree in media, as well as being a teaching assistant that put together tests, I can say that these performance reviews by Google are completely a waste. My biggest problem is the indirect questions and answers used on the test. If you live, breath and sleep Google Analytics or Google AdWords, there is a small chance you will pass one of these tests.

Google Analytics is one of the best applications provided by the company. They make it easy to track and graph data in a smart and user-friendly manner. I strongly suggest learning this tool.

YouTube is another tool for visual producers. If your company needs to create video ads that reflect the brand, YouTube works as an excellent medium for that style of content.

If you are a publisher, and want to create revenue from your work. Google AdSense is for the slightly more advanced Web producer, but is still very important. If you have a website, and want to build revenue, Google AdSense is a smart way to start. Also, publishers should work on getting their company setup with Google News and Google AMP.

After a producer builds experience with Google AdSense, they can work with DoubleClick to create native ads. It is my personal experience that AdSense is used more for startups that have not built advertising contracts with outside companies. I suggest Web producers start with AdSense, build a solid amount of traffic, (over 50,000 viewers per month, which may take months to years), and then go after advertising in your local area. I am currently pitching local, regional and national companies to advertise with our company.

Finally, after you have mastered and setup accounts with those Google applications, I now suggest you start to setup an Google Partners account.

Currently, I am waiting for Google to write me back on the setup process for their partners program. The setup process is difficult overall. The text they have online is outdated to link AdWords and Google Partners. I am working with them to get it updated, as well as helping me to help you how find out how to properly link AdWords and Google Partners.

Once a company is linked up with Google Partners they will provide free training and exclusive tools, as well as the guidance and support to help their business clients succeed on Google.

Watch over the video below to find out more on how to setup your Google account with Google Partners. Stay connected with them on social media for updates.

How to sign up for Google Partners

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