The White House. Photo by: Aaron Kittredge /
The White House. Photo by: Aaron Kittredge /

Reduce the Military, Reuse Solar Energy, and Recycle the Progression within Politics

The current political administration is so incompetent, it drove me to keep a document of their poor decisions, and continue to update it for the next three years with vital pieces of government that will need to be reformed following the 2020 presidential election.

At the time that this article was first written, the Trump administration had recently completed their first 100 days. After our country fixes all of these mistakes, we can then move forward with higher taxes to pay for healthcare, education and infrastructure.

  • Sentaor Bernie Sanders has stated: “We need to rethink the Electoral College.” One of the first pieces of legislation that I recommend is removing as much power from the Electoral College as possible.
  • The Dakota Access Pipeline, as well as other pipelines and areas around coal mining projects will need to have additional regulations. Renewable energy is going to be cost effective by 2020, and solar photovoltaic energy is projected to have a lower LCOE than coal or natural gas-fired generation throughout the world.
  • If the Affordable Care Act is revoked, the next administration must get it reversed within the same amount of time that it takes to replace the current bill.
  • Reinstate any and all jobs at the EPA. Restore as much of the environmental data from past records.
  • Provide transparent reasoning to why James Comey was fired. If he audio recorded a conversation with Trump, than it should be noted. If he didn’t, than it should be noted.
  • Reform any and all tax codes and legislation drafted by the current administration.
  • Repeal the ability for ISP’s to sell their consumers private data.

Politicians no longer have any real long-term power. They have a shelf life, and the Trump’s administration clock is running out of time.

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