An Introduction to Machine Learning with AI

Artificial intelligence is helping make the world a more sustainable environment. Microsoft recently released a video covering the topic of AI and machine learning.

The video points out that AI has helped increased yields for farmers up to 30 percent.


It works as an excellent introduction for those unfamiliar with artificial intelligence.

One element that bothers me is the narrator using a smartphone while driving in the video. Microsoft is developing an open source platform for their Aerial Informatics and Robotics Platform, but smartphone use while driving is illegal in some states for good reason. Over a dozen people a day die from texting and driving. Large tech companies should disable this function, and not incorporate it into informative videos.

Overall, the narration and explanation of artificial intelligence is wrapped up well for people still new to AI.

Watch the video, and check back to Microsoft on social media for updates on episode two.

The animated guide to artificial intelligence (Explanimators: Episode 1)