Silicon Valley season 1, episode 4 screenshot. Photo by: hbostore / YouTube
Silicon Valley season 1, episode 4 screenshot. Photo by: hbostore / YouTube

Fiduciary Duties

*Spoilers, and plot from Silicon Valley Season 1 will be discussed in the following section.

In the fourth episode of Silicon Valley Richard signs several documents with a new lawyer played by Ben Feldman.

The show brings up incorporating the business in Delaware. When researching why investors would want to incorporate the business in that state, I found out that they do this to often register the company as a C corporation


If you are a startup that wants to acquire funding, and is ready to be incorporated, look into options in Delaware, Nevada, and your home state. It is wise to layout options when making a major business decision.

Richard experiences the fast lane of Silicon Valley with the paperwork meeting. After that, the show covers Hooli working on a copy of Richard’s code.

Recently, I was discussing this show with a friend I grew up with. He said he had not seen the show, and was telling me about his last job as an engineer for a company to compresses data. I suggested he watched the show.

Dinesh brings up the importance of a having a vision and roadmap for the company during a group meeting. In season one the show hits on several important steps to creating and maintaining a company.

Peter Gregory decides to throw a toga-themed party with Flo Rida performing at the event.

At the party Richard drinks too much, and drunkly accepts Erlich Bachman as a board member of Pied Piper. The next morning Bachman reminds Richard with video footage.

In review so far of entertainment on Silicon Valley, Flo Rida has put on the best performance so far. Mochaccino gets second place, and Kid Rock is in third. We will keep a top three for the entire show.

One of my favorite documentary moments captured from the party consists of Flo Rida smacking the camera out of Bachman’s hand.

Richard realizes his mistake and tries to rework a deal without Bachman as a board member.

Before a meeting with Peter Gregory, Richard starts to be overcome by stress, and has a panic attack. Luckily, Bachman shows up to help display the vision of Pied Piper during the meeting.

Richard decides to go with Bachman as a board member, and Gregory agrees. The episode ends in a cruel and uplifting manner.

Points I learned from within episode four, season one:

  • Review different states before getting a company incorporated.
  • Ask for help with legal advice, or read and research documentation when going into business with another partner or investor.
  • It is possible to have characteristics and traits that relate to both Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

Silicon Valley Season 1: Episode #4 Preview (HBO)

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