Silicon Valley season 1, episode 6 screenshot. Photo by: hbostore / YouTube
Silicon Valley season 1, episode 6 screenshot. Photo by: hbostore / YouTube

Third Party Insourcing

*Spoilers, and plot from Silicon Valley Season 1 will be discussed in the following section.

Richard and his doctor start off the sixth episode with dialogue covering Richard’s physical health. Their conversation displays the unhealthy amount of stress certain people experience as entrepreneurs.

The show picks up on real trends in technology, and pokes fun of them such as cloud computing. Pied Piper is faced with needing a working demo of their product when competing at TechCrunch Disrupt.


Austin Abrams performs as the hacker known as The Carver. He is brought in to help Richard develop code to integrate with cloud computing. When negotiating with The Carver, the team strikes a deal with Kevin for two days of work for $20,000.

Gilfoyle has a female house guest over known as Tara and performed by Milana Vayntrub.

The Carver and Richard start working on creating a method to connect the compressed files from Pied Piper to a server. In addition to the real world trend of cloud computing, there is a trend of data compression that is also common in the tech industry.   

Gilfoyle decides to play a joke on Dinesh by letting him assume that Tara wants to have sex. Rather than Dinesh just asking Tara normally about her feelings, he creates a lot about of nothing to create comedy.

Jared finds himself in a driverless car, and at the mercy of technology.

Richard and The Carver start to make headway with the cloud computing connection to Pied Piper. A layer of conflict that takes place is when Richard leaves the house with The Carver open to trash the databases for the Pied Piper platform.

An additional layer of conflict takes place when Kevin show signs of sleep deprivation. Richard and Erlich make the poor decision of trying to buy drugs from local neighborhood kids.

Karma takes place when the same neighborhood kids that the group snubs in the first part of the episode screws over Richard. When he goes to try and work out the failed drug deal, Richard gets slapped in the face. Which is another form of justice. Erlich goes off the deep end and gets violent with a kid, and demands Adderall for Kevin.

The show Silicon Valley does poke fun and bring awareness to pharmaceutical drug abuse. They do it in a cruel and distasteful manner.

Dinesh and Erlich both announce their passion for Tara. She reacts without interest.

The show ends with Jared being whisked away on a cargo boat that stored the driverless car.

Points I learned from within episode six, season one:

  • Adderall can cause rapid or irregular heartbeat, delirium, panic, psychosis, and heart failure.
  • When acquiring outside talent to help conduct tasks for a company, make sure the help will generate desired results for a reasonable percentage of the operating budget.
  • Only trust technology as far as you can throw it.

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Silicon Valley Season 1: Episode #6 Clip #2

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