Silicon Valley season 1 screenshot. Photo by: HBO / YouTube
Silicon Valley season 1 screenshot. Photo by: HBO / YouTube

Optimal Tip-to-Tip Efficiency

*Spoilers, and plot from Silicon Valley Season 1 will be discussed in the following section.

The season one finale starts off with the epic cliffhanger the show created when a judge from the Startup Battlefield attacked Erlich for sleeping with his wife.

Administration with TechCrunch informs the Pied Piper team that they will be heading to the last round of competition for the violent outburst.


Mike Judge and Alec Berg do an excellent job of writing storylines that play out over an episode, a string of episodes, during the season, as well as throughout multiple seasons.

Pied Piper decides to check out their competition with Nucleus by Hooli. Richard and the team finds out that Hooli has copied their product, and added additional features to the data compression platform. The producers of the show were unable to get Shakira on film, but they used smoke and mirrors to fake it well.

After the Hooli presentation, the Pied Piper team discusses their options. Jared slightly loses his mind following his time offshore.

Gilfoyle and Dinesh browse over the competition. Their conversation about working with Richard shows their brotherhood as entrepreneurs.

Erlich interrupts Galvin Belson during a press conference to share misinformation with the press. T.J. Miller’s comedic ability as Erlich reflects well with this scene.

Richard and Monica and discuss their future in a brief conversation.

The group has a meeting in the hotel room later in the evening. During this scene the show jumps off the deep end with dick jokes. The immature form of comedy does little for laughs, but it does inspire Richard to rewrite code for the Pied Piper platform.

Silicon Valley often shows Red Bull as a common supplement for engineers. It can be okay to consume in small amounts, but it should be managed closely.

Richard and the team present the new code during the final round of the competition. During the presentation, the judges have the Pied Piper team compress a 3D video file. After compressing the file, the code shows that Richard’s new code is more efficient in comparison to Hooli’s platform.

The episode wraps up with the team winning the overall competition. Richard and Monica have another scene going over their future as business partners followed by Richard getting sick and the editor layering it together with Green Day’s ‘Minority’ to end the first season.

Points I learned from within episode eight, season one:

  • A company needs to innovate faster than other companies can duplicate.
  • It was inspiring and enjoyable to have Christopher Evan Welch perform as Peter Gregory in season one. He passed away following the first season, but his spirit lives on.
  • Speed and accountability are two key components within the field of engineering.
  • The Pied Piper team did a horrible job at networking with people, but excelled at delivering a product in demand.

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