"Kumail Nanjiani starts feud with mongols." - Thomas Middleditch

Talks at Google will feature guest speakers to share industry knowledge within their field. Recently, they had the cast from HBO’s Silicon Valley up for a lively discussion on the show.

Thomas Middleditch, Kumail Nanjiani, Amanda Crew, Zach Woods, and Martin Starr brought their true colors out for their stop by Talks at Google.

Kumail Nanjiani opens the discussion with a dig at Google for not having chairs in a viewing area. That is kind of low rent of Google to not provide chairs to their employees. Public libraries have chairs. I find Nanjiani’s joke at the start to be a legitimate dig. That being said, there are several jokes in this discussion that may be seen as inappropriate. The discussion mixes the comedy within the actors and actress to provide depth to their show that reflects Google and other startup businesses.

Zach Woods provides some excellent insight on the struggle and dynamics of the group. When another editor brought up watching the show Silicon Valley, I was waiting for the show to end, and watch it all the way through in short amount of time. After watching this discussion, I find that the show has much more depth than the top layer.

Amanda Crew shines with her beauty and comedy depth. Her ability to balance and handle the crew with Silicon Valley is a virtue within itself.

Google does note a disclaimer that points out the views or opinions expressed by the guest speakers are solely their own. Which is a good thing because the cast cracks several jokes at Google. Interestingly, taking jabs at the establishment is funny, but with Google being once a small startup, the jokes from the cast feel paradoxical.

Another paradoxical element to reviewing this show and being a startup is the amount of bleed between the show and our company. It helps that we are located in Illinois in comparison to Silicon Valley, but we do experience many of the real struggles that the show fictionalizes on television.

This discussion is informative, funny and compelling overall. I plan to do three articles covering the first three seasons of Silicon Valley. They will be updated with links to this article.

Watch over the Talks at Google featuring the cast from Silicon Valley. Stay connected to their social media for updates of season four.

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