Solar energy. Photo by:
Solar energy. Photo by:

Tesla's Projected Installed Cost per square foot for the Solar Roof is $42/sq.ft. for the Solar Tiles with Labor Cost Included

The future of clean energy has arrived with the latest roofing tiles from Tesla and Solar City.

Bloomberg has recently reported that the company is producing roofing projects at $42 square foot including materials and labor.


In October, Tesla will begin with production of two roofing tiles featuring a smooth glass and a textured glass tile.

During a recent TED Talks discussion, Elon Musk shared insight on upcoming projects. Overall, Musk does an excellent job of showing how he refines a product or service.

In each industry Musk refines and reforms modes of production.

He has reduced the amount of carbon being produced each year. He has found a way to reuse solar energy from roofing tiles to power homes, cars and communities. Musk also recycles past ideas with sustainability, and bridges them with contemporary issues.

Watch over Bloomberg’s YouTube clip going over the recent developments within solar power at Solar City and Tesla. Read over the comments section for additional points of view on YouTube.

Tesla's Solar Roof Is Cheaper Than Expected

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