The White House. Photo by: Aaron Kittredge
The White House. Photo by: Aaron Kittredge

Trump Withdraws from the Paris Climate Agreement, but Plans to Negotiate a New Deal

Donald Trump will be discussing the Paris Climate Agreement via the live stream. Vice President Mike Pence started the live discussion.

He brings up several talking points without any real data.


After a short introduction to try and build up President Trump by Pence, Donald walks out and announces that our country will withdraw from the climate agreement we made with over 190 countries.

All of the data that Trump brought up was negative without noting any of the positive trends in renewable energy. His inability to show unbiased view is a sign of weakness.

In addition, Trump lacks the ability to see that coal will be cost ineffective by 2025 in comparison to solar energy.

Overall, in reality if Trump would raise taxes across the board, he would not have the economy to use as leverage to deregulate environmental guidelines. He would only need to raise taxes for six months to a year to regain financial stability.

Watch his speech via Facebook.

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