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The WWE Universe returned to the Scottrade Center for Money In The Bank 2017 live event from the heart of St. Louis. Guests from the regions packed the arena to watch and experience the first women’s Money In the Bank ladder match.

Money In The Bank 2017 marked my first time back as an attendee at the WWE live event in almost 20 years. One of my close friends wanted to grab floor seats and make some memories, so that is exactly what we did.

WWE produces live events that showcase athletic skills based around martial arts and wrestling primarily. They connect predetermined matches with storylines to give additional depth.

Before the event, my friend and I put together some signs to hold up at certain moments during the evening. He made a sign that reference a friend’s cat, and I made a sign advocating for a performer named Lana. I thought a sign with the word Lana on it was a excellent heel move. (A heel in WWE is an antagonist, and a babyface is a protagonist.)

We arrived before the Pre-Show kicked off, and grabbed our seats on the floor. In the past I have had seats on the floor for house shows, and have had box seats, but this marked my first time being on the floor with a big fight feel in the air.

A piece of me was ornery on Sunday evening. I kept yelling comedic jokes throughout the evening. Here is some of my favorite shout outs from Money In the Bank 2017.

“I still love you JBL, even though you suck at your ‘JOB’.”

(Emphasis on the word job in a similar fashion to how Curt Hennig use to twist the influx of a word. It was great to see Larry Hennig in attendance.) There has been recent heat and negative press over the verbal interactions JBL has had with some of the other announcers in WWE. I wanted to express my point of view in a comedic manner.

“Canadians can’t count past 8.”

This is a joke first and foremost.

I respect the education system in Canada, the people that live and are from the country. This is mainly a joke on Jinder Mahal, a character in WWE, that performs as the next Maharaja from India, but was born and raised in Canada.

The whole idea of creating a fictional background for a performer is a silly idea to me, but WWE continues to create ‘superstars.’ During the match, Randy and Jinder were on the outside of the ring, and the count got up to 7. I yelled out that quote, and got a decent pop from the crowd.

The first match of the evening was the first ever Women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match. Overall, the match was way too short, and had a poor ending. The bookers and writers added a horrible tag-team match later in the show that should have never been booked. The writers should have given the first match over an hour to pull in the audience. Sadly, the writers allowed a man to climb the ladder to obtain the win for Carmella.

AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura at WWE Money In The Bank 2017. The event was hosted at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis. Photo by: Matthew McGuire

AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura at WWE Money In The Bank 2017. The event was hosted at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis. Photo by: Matthew McGuire

After the first match, I grabbed some drinks and pretzels during the New Day and USOs match. The match was above par, but the ending to the match concluded without a clean pinfall or submission. Attendees usually want to see a clean finish to a match to establish closure with a storyline, but WWE will often use unfinished endings to keep a storyline going between two performers.

WWE is going to have to start booking the WWE Title match at the end of events if they are going to want people to care about the title. It made no sense to me or my buddy to have a ladder match on last that will give a performer the opportunity to compete against the champion. It only makes sense that the champion would have top billing spot.

The WWE Title match was between hometown hero Randy Orton, and the breaded gypsy originally from Canada, Jinder Mahal. It was a decent match, browse over the ending below.

The Men’s Money In The Bank Ladder match was par level overall. I felt like robbing the crowd of the Nakamura entrance was a good heel move for Corbin, but removed one of the biggest draws from the match early on.

In the end, Corbin picked up a contract to compete against the WWE champion at a later date.

Watch over highlights and clips from WWE Money In the Bank 2017.

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