A clapper board for film projects. Photo by: Pexels.com
A clapper board for film projects. Photo by: Pexels.com

Will Smith will have a Large Huddle of Following Robin Williams from the Last Major Release of Aladdin

The casting and production team in charge of the upcoming live-action film for Aladdin have selected their initial group of actors.

The director for this film will be Guy Ritchie, and the screenplay will be written by John August.


Will Smith, Naomi Scott and Mena Massoud have been selected to perform in Disney’s upcoming film Aladdin. Will Smith will test his vocal strength as the Genie.

In contrast to the last major release of Aladdin being produced as a cartoon, Disney is planning on making this film a live-action project.

Find out more on this film with the YouTube video by IGN News.


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