Discussing the Band, the New Album, and their First ever Music Festival

Nicholas Hess asked Ryan Krofcheck of Fletcher’s Grove and organizer of Groovin’ with the Grove to talk a little bit about the band and their new album and their new festival during day one of Groovin’ with the Grove.

Ryan- First Fletcher’s Grove shirt that we ever got made in high school, still got it.  

Ryan- My name’s Ryan Krofcheck and I play with Fletcher’s Grove and also help organize this festival Groovin’ with the Grove.  It’s been amazing, ya know, we’re celebrating ten years as a band.  We got all of our friends to come out and play with us, basically everybody on the roster has some sort of connection to us.  It’s really important to us too that we just don’t try to get a ton of other bands just because they can bring in a lot of people or whatever.  For us it was more like we want people here we want our friends here we want our friends also celebrating with us.  As much as it is a festival it’s more of a celebration for us.  We just got an album out “Fletcher’s Grove”, self titled.  Even the reason we self-titled it is because everything moving forward form here is going to be a new Fletcher’s Grove.  Trying to get a whole new kinda second wind or third wind or fourth wind, ya know, being in a band for ten years it keeps you going, but I’ve got a lot of good guys that work with us.

Nick-  What’s new about the album instrumentally or vocally that you’ve experimented with?

Ryan- This album was kind of written halfway in the transition of losing a bass player, and losing a percussion player and then getting a percussion player.  Matt whose been with us since the beginning and also finding John Inghram who is our new bass player.  It kind of shows what will become of Fletcher’s Grove.  We have a lot of songs that were written three or four years ago and we’ve kind of gone through a lot of changes and have different drives and momentums.  Now we’re really really moving forward with having the festival.  We just got signed to an agency and they’re gonna be booking us 150 shows a year just put the album out and just kind of bringing new life to Fletcher’s Grove.  Right now you can preorder the album on Pledge Music, which is an awesome new site where you can kind of see some of the behind the scenes and making of the album.  You can order T shirts you can order vinyls on there there’s a ton of packages and stuff.  This is kind of the unofficial album release party.  We’ve got the albums here and we’ve got some tshirts and stuff.  Here in about a month we’re gonna have the official album release so we’re really excited.  We’re really excited about everything it’s been a ton of work and a lot of things kind of coming together all at once.  I think tonight and tomorrow night we’ll really see everything.  It’s already kind of exceeded my expections on what it is.  Beautiful place, everyone has told us that it’s one of the best venues that they’ve ever seen.  Weather’s holding up it was supposed to rain all three days so I think we’re doing alright for what it is.

When asked if he had any last words for the fans his response was as follows-   

– Thanks ya know, it’s kept us going really ya know without the bands and without everyone I don’t think we’d be doing it.

Groovin' with the Grove interview 2017