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With ARISE Music Festival on the Horizon, Music Lovers, Yogis, and Activists Across Colorado should know what they Need to get Ready for the Festival

ARISE Music Festival, set at the picturesque Sunrise Ranch this upcoming weekend, is the perfect event to make the most of our most fleeting season – summer. With three days and nights of music, yoga, classes, camping, and dancing – preparation is key to make the most of the festivities.

After moving to the state a little over a year ago, a native Coloradan imparted some wise words on me. “If you don’t like the weather, wait an hour,” she said. Summer temperatures can easily vary 30 degrees from night to day, often with a quick, but drenching rainstorm in-between.


It’s important to come prepared with hot-weather clothes, sun protection, a good raincoat, and something warm and snuggly to change into for those can’t-miss-won’t-miss late nights.

A packing list for ARISE Festival. Photo by: Samantha Harvey
A packing list for ARISE Festival. Photo by: Samantha Harvey

For daytime events, I’ll be bringing a hand-painted parasol for portable shade and protection from Colorado’s scorching high-elevation sun. For night, I’ll be bringing my trusty faux-fur festival coat, complete with deep pockets so nothing gets lost in the confusion that can happen as the busy night rolls on.

For weekend campers, come prepared to walk in with your gear and still have everything you need for a comfortable home away from home!

One item I strongly suggest picking up is a collapsible wagon, such as this one: (Amazon link to the collapsible wagon) should do the trick, even I you have to make more than one trip. I know I probably will, but one could say that minimalism is not my strongest suit.

In lieu of heavy camp chairs, I will be bringing an inflatable hammock, such as this one: (Amazon link to inflatable hammock). Not only are they easy to carry and come with a bag and carrying strap, but they also are a lot more comfortable for a mid-day snooze than a foldable chair.

ARISE Festival is as much of a yoga festival as a music festival, with a stage devoted to yoga all day. So, if you’re a member of the #yogaeverydamnday clique, there’s no need to remind you to bring your mat. However, if you’re more of a fair-weather yoga babe (or dude), such as myself, make yourself a note, stick it on the fridge, and don’t forget to bring your mat! This is not the festival to miss yoga. You don’t even have to wake up at the crack of dawn to make it in time.

All-in-all, the motto of ARISE should be “love thy neighbor,” so if you need something or see someone in need, don’t be afraid to lend a hand! If we all stick together and pool our resources, Arise is set to be the highlight of our beautiful, Colorado summer.

All tickets to Arise coming with complimentary walk-in camping. Single day attendees will park within the walk-in camping section. For those wanting to have their vehicle closer during the weekend; car camping passes can be purchased for an additional $109. The festival also has backstage options, and V.I.P. tickets available via their main website

ARISE Music Festival - Yoga

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Samantha (Sam) Harvey lives in Larkspur, Colorado with her husband and her dog. She has been covering music festivals for Crescent Vale in Colorado and the American West since 2016. Her day job is managing a horse farm, but in her free time she enjoys hiking, camping, photography, and attending music festivals.