A person using a tablet for online shopping. Photo by: Pexels.com
A person using a tablet for online shopping. Photo by: Pexels.com

Shopping on Mobile Devices Continues to Build Momentum

The World Wide Web has a large amount of options when setting up an online store.

As mobile devices have continued to become more mainstream, users have started shifting away from the traditional shopping experience in stores, and have been gravitating to their smartphones and tablets to research and complete transactions.


In addition to creating news content, our company also builds websites for outside organizations. Currently, I am working on a restaurant site that requires online ordering. When I researched different methods of online transactions, I found that WooCommerce was the best overall method.

Browse over the YouTube video below to find out more on the plugin.

During my research, I talked with restaurants that use online payment. I found out that almost all of the locations I spoke with mentioned that half of orders come from online, and the other half via telephone.

The data shows that even in rural areas of the country, such as Southern Illinois, that consumers are still looking to engage with products and services on mobile.

As we move forward, companies will need to think more on investing with a mobile first mindset. The first tweet below shows that business owners will need to be adaptive when creating ads and content to engage with audiences.

The first YouTube video expands upon the adaptive methods in advertising, and explores new ways for business owners to connect with consumers on the go.

Micro-Moments | Think with Google

WooCommerce Overview

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