Cold War Kids performing at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre in St. Louis on 08/04/17. Photo by: Matthew McGuire
Cold War Kids performing at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre in St. Louis on 08/04/17. Photo by: Matthew McGuire

Top Tier Alternative Rock on Stage in St. Louis With Picture Perfect Weather

Nathan Willett, frontman for the Cold War Kids, noted during their performance in St. Louis on Friday evening that the weather was above par in comparison their pervious show in Michigan.

The Home of the Strange hit another weather setback the following night in Kansas City. Guests on Saturday night in Kansas City will be available to catch the show tonight at the Starlight Theatre.

Weather does play a role in outdoor events, and usually bands have to be on the road to the next city during tours. Luckily, the schedule provided an open day, and the bands were kind enough to book a second day. It shows a lot of respect from the bands on the Home of the Strange tour 2017.

Bri and I were in attendance for the show just outside St. Louis at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre, (formally known as Riverport).

We were both excited to see Bob Moses perform live on stage. We arrived just after 5:00 p.m. to have the experience of listening to the band’s music while walking up to the show. The weather was picture perfect on a sunny afternoon.

Watch ‘Tearing Me Up’ from Bob Moses on 08/04/17.

Bob Moses performing 'Tearing Me Up' at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre

Joywave performed new music from their latest album Content during their set. The band used heavy distortion at times that reminded me of Sonic Youth. It felt experimental and more alternative in comparison to the other live acts.

K-Flay surprised me in a big way. Beforehand, we listened to the bands and made a short YouTube playlist, available below, and K-Flay’s music caught my ear, but didn’t heavily interest me. Her live show was filled with high energy and engaging vocals.

Hey aggressive nature brought out a heavy-hitting flavor of electronic rock.

We connected with good people from the St. Louis area in between shows. It was interesting to see the lawn closed off for a show at the amphitheater. The series of concerts felt more intimate overall.

During the Cold War Kids set we both enjoyed live cuts of ‘Love Is Mystical’ and ‘Hang Me Up To Dry’ on Friday evening. Their set was another strong showing from a band on the rise.

Young the Giant closed out the music for the night. Their music dipped into more pop overtones, but they did display depth within their live set. I found myself wanting to hear more of the earlier material, but found their music enjoyable.

The night of music was above par, and hopefully they have better luck with weather moving down the road.

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Home of the Strange Tour 2017 - St. Louis