A limousine setup for NitroFest 2017. Photo by: Matthew McGuire
A limousine setup for NitroFest 2017. Photo by: Matthew McGuire

NitroFest Featured International Brews Crafted with Nitrogen

Left Hand Brewing hosted the fourth annual NitroFest in Longmont, Colorado on Saturday, November 11. It marked my first time covering NitroFest.

Lotus performed an action-packed two hour set with a monster version of ‘Tip of the Tongue’ at NitroFest 2017. The audience was filled with diehard Lotus fans. Before the show got underway, a member of the audience brought up that she loved Lotus so much, that she named her dog after the band.


Another member of the press shared stories from his past. One story that was memorable was his encounter with a large moose in Yellowstone. He ended up face-to-face with the powerful creature. He slowly backed up while taking photos of the moose. During review, he could zoom in on the eye of the moose and see his frighten reflection within the photograph.

The band hit the stage at 8:00 p.m. and did not let up for a minute. It was two hours of nitro-fueled energy.

Mike Rempel is a guitarist in Lotus, and his performance last night was ramped up beyond normal. He busted out a strong showing on the axe.

In addition to the live music, the event organizers setup a costume content. Halloween was last month, but that did not stop the NitroFest crowd from dressing up in their finest attire.

Carnival artists performed entertainment with fire spinning, fire poi, festive moments, and partook in the outrageous beer selection on tap.


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