A screenshot of ARCore by Google. Photo by: Google Developers / YouTube
A screenshot of ARCore by Google. Photo by: Google Developers / YouTube

“We’re turning down support for Tango on March 1, 2018.” – Google Developers

The support team at Google has announced that they will be shifting their focus away from the platform known as Project Tango, and will be working more with ARCore.

Augmented reality is becoming a major trend in the tech community with Apple and Google working to provide unique user experiences via smartphones.


Google’s ARCore will focus on the following:

  • Motion tracking allows the phone to understand and track its position relative to the world.
  • Environmental understanding allows the phone to detect the size and location of flat horizontal surfaces like the ground or a coffee table.
  • Light estimation allows the phone to estimate the environment’s current lighting conditions.

One key reason the company might have made this move is the advancements within the hardware. Each new edition of smartphones is equipped with upgraded technology. This creates a compatibility problem.

Google is aiming to streamline different devices with the ARCore platform.

Watch over a video highlighting the latest project by Google on YouTube.

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