Movie popcorn. Photo by:
Movie popcorn. Photo by:

Coco Sets A Box Office Record in Mexico

Pixar and Disney has captured the attention of international audiences with the recent release of Coco.

This animated feature film showcases a young man traveling through a fictional world during Día de los Muertos.


The time period known as Día de los Muertos is also known as ‘Day of the Dead.’ It is an annual tradition that runs from October 31 to November 2.

Coco was directed by Lee Unkrich, which also worked on Finding Nemo and Toy Story 2. His ability to create and produce scenes in each of these movies is a reflection to his attention to detail.

Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a 96% out of 100 score. I agree with their scoring on this movie. It was one of the best animated films I have seen since the original Toy Story.

The visual storytelling was above par with thousands of hours going into bringing this film to life.

Musically the film was filled with beautiful and heartfelt moments. It provided a window into the world of independent music, as well as the pitfalls that come along with being an artist.

The use of multicultural elements was thoughtful as well. In several cases Coco would use Spanish in addition to English to provide a learning experience along with entertainment.

Watch the trailer for Coco on YouTube, and experience in 2D or 3D when possible.

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