Decadence 2017 Denver schedule. Photo by: Decadence
Decadence 2017 Denver schedule. Photo by: Decadence

The New Year’s Eve Countdown Has Officially Begun for the City Beyond Tomorrow

One of the most anticipated schedule announcements has just hit the Internet. Decadence 2017 Denver will feature eight hours of live music both nights.

ODESZA and Morgan Page will have the honor of performing at midnight on New Year’s Eve.


The stage is set for one of the most intense parties on NYE with the music going until 3:00 a.m. both nights. On Saturday and Sunday the music gets going around 7:00 p.m.

Throw out the typical curfew, this electronic dance music event doesn’t stop until the early morning hours.

Overall, music fans on social media are content with the amount of overlaps. I did see some people upset with the Tchami set, but with any event with multiple stages there is going to be a few hearts that will be broken.

I’m personally excited to see this schedule. Each night has their heavy hitters apart from one another. Downtown Denver is going to have a large amount of guests hitting the streets late night, so I advice everyone to plan ahead and be as safe as possible.

The Silent Disco will be interesting to check out during my time away from the big bass in my face. I’m going to be drinking plenty of water, and staying as hydrated as possible. I’ve noticed that being in a large crowd of people with above average energy can be overwhelming for some guests. My best advice is to select performances that you want to catch, and take breaks in between.

Preview some of the hottest acts with the YouTube playlist setup below.

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