Renewable energy with solar panels. Photo by: Carl Attard /
Renewable energy with solar panels. Photo by: Carl Attard /

Ireland, China, Mongolia, Chile and Countries Around the World Aim to Capture New Forms of Renewable Energy in 2018

The race to renewable energy is by far the most important race of our lifetime.

China is currently taking the lead in the road to renewable energy with mass amounts of resources being pumped behind their clean energy products. In 2015 China increased their solar power capacity by 74%. Also in 2015, China invested $111 billon in clean power. It plans to increase this to $361 billon by 2020.


These increases in clean energy are a clear sign that China is taking climate change seriously, and making progress to cut down on their impact on the environment.

The Chilean government notes that they are on track to produce 75% of their total energy with renewable production by 2050.

Watch over the YouTube videos below to see how countries all over the world are moving to renewable energy.


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