Air pollution. Photo by:
Air pollution. Photo by:

Explore Solutions to Air Pollution

Air pollution is one of the largest problems that spans across developed countries.

Each country takes a unique stance on creating solutions to this issue.


The Guardian recently reported that air pollution in the United Kingdom causes over 40,000 premature deaths each year. In order to build solution to this epidemic, they noted:

‘Five cities and 23 local authorities have been selected in the new plan to come up with measures to reduce illegal levels of nitrogen dioxide by December 2018.’

China is taking the problem of pollution, and making a positive out of a negative. The tweet below by TED Talks shows how their using vacuums and turning smog into diamonds.

In the United States the federal government is currently turning their head to the problem, but private companies, such as Tesla and Amazon are tackling the problem head on.

Union of Concerned Scientists recently did a report on the physical impact clean energy vehicles have on the environment, as well as financially.

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