An Apple iPhone 7. Photo by: Tyler Lastovich /
An Apple iPhone 7. Photo by: Tyler Lastovich /

iPhone, iPads and Other Devices Experience A Problem of Security and User Experience

Apple is in hot water following a series of lawsuits filed against them for not providing adequate information on the shelf life to their products.

Experienced consumers with decades of history with digital devices have come to expect two to three years of use from different devices. After a series of security updates, the devices start to slow down from the software taking up more room in comparison to the hardware.


Reuters reported recently on Apple’s move to slow down iPhones:

“Rather than curing the battery defect by providing a free battery replacement for all affected iPhones, Apple sought to mask the battery defect,” according to the complaint.

“If it turns out that consumers would have replaced their battery instead of buying new iPhones had they known the true nature of Apple’s upgrades, you might start to have a better case for some sort of misrepresentation or fraud,” said Rory Van Loo, a Boston University professor specializing in consumer technology law.

Personally, I have never bought any of the iPhones, but my Galaxy S4 made it four to five years in use. Additionally, I have bought an iMac and Macbook Pro that is running okay, but I could invest in a newer model to experience faster loading between applications. That being said, my Macbook Pro was bought in 2012 and continues to operate on a basic level.

The backlash that Apple is experiencing in sales is an excellent example of what will happen to Internet Service Providers if they begin to slow down service for consumers.

Watch over a YouTube video via CNN to find out more on this subject.

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