iHeartRadio Hosts the Album Release Party for ‘War & Leisure’

Miguel recently released his new album War & Leisure on ByStorm Entertainment/RCA Records.

In connection with an incident earlier this year, Miguel has been reported to have sexually-assaulted Xian Bass via Spin. His response was dismissive, and overall not the best stance on the subject.

Currently men and women are under fire for the amount of sexual misconduct taking place in the world. Within the rap genre, sexual misconduct has been something that is overlooked, but we want to help change the attitude in the form of music.

It is clear that Miguel is a talented rapper, but to be able to achieve true success, he should be open about his mistakes, and use his platform to create change in a positive manner. Even when someone is coming after another person under false pretenses; they should have an open discussion to clear the air, in comparison being dismissive.

“We’re all fighting our own war and our own battles to stay in the right headspace… looking for our own frequency to stay positive, to be productive, to keep dreaming, to have hope, to inspire ourselves and inspire the people around us. Figuring out how to do that is the war. The leisure is when we find it.” – Miguel

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