A track for running and exercise. Photo by: Pexels.com
A track for running and exercise. Photo by: Pexels.com

Create a Dynamic New Year’s Resolution that is Layered for Success

Each year people all over the globe make resolutions at the start of the year to improve their daily lives. This year, I wanted to share some natural methods to enrich your life with exercise and planning a better diet.

During 2017, I have lost weight, strengthen my core, and been able to eat healthier.


My current job requires me to work from a computer, and I find myself sitting for several hours each day. When I was growing up, this kind of behavior was not as big of an issue, but as I grow older I find the need to exercise more and more.

Browse over a list of natural methods to live a more fulfilling life.

Drink More Water

  • A decrease in heart complications.
  • An increase in metabolism.
  • An increase in brain functionality.
  • Better looking skin.

Exercise and Run More Often

  • A decrease in stress and anxiety.
  • Clears out unhealthy cholesterol.
  • A decrease in stroke and high blood pressure.

For 2018, I plan to expand the amount of exercise I perform each week, and continue to eat less processed foods. The culture in Colorado is much different in comparison to living in Illinois. The people I interact with overall seem to be more mindful of their diet. I find that planning ahead each week is an important step to a well-balanced life.

Watch over the YouTube videos below to obtain more information on living a happier, healthier life in 2018.

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