Online content management. Photo by: Google / YouTube
Online content management. Photo by: Google / YouTube

Distribution Is King

For years I thought that content was king, but after several years of Web publishing, I have come to the conclusion that content is good, but having finances for distribution is better.

I’ve personally seen outlets and media producers with less talent and less content get more views based on the amount of financial resources pumped behind the content.


A majority of the people that I interact with assume that a viral video or article is common for media producers. In reality, I have noticed that the people that pay social media, YouTube or Google AdWords are appearing to look more valuable.

Preexisting media companies have been reporting misinformed and slanted content, but since they have a large amount of revenue coming in to advertise their work, it appears to still have value.

There are a few things content managers can do to help increase their SEO in the upcoming future.

  • Create headlines and content that focuses on voice recognition commands. The problem with producing these articles is that it pushes content producers away from informative news, and pulls them into the ‘how to’ world of the Web.
  • Produce over a dozen informative articles each day. If a single person is writing news content, a dozen articles each day can seem overwhelming, but in reality, that is my goal for everyday of 2018. I plan to increase that amount for 2019.
  • Guest posting, and collaborative content is going to continue to become a major trend. Find ways to connect with other media producers, and work together.
  • Use Google Trends and find articles that have a steady amount of Web traffic, and produce original content that aligns with the current trends.
  • Use Google Analytics to find out which time of the day your audience is consuming data. In 2018 I plan to expand this time frame to build larger audiences, but also I plan to produce the most articles of the day when users are reading the most online content.
  • Index your website with every search engine. Setup Google AMP to have your work distributed across their Google app platform.

Watch over the video below on YouTube to see the application in action.

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Matthew McGuire is the founder and editor of Crescent Vale News. In 2014, he acquired a master's degree in Professional Media and Media Management from Southern Illinois University Carbondale.