A map of fracking locations with shale. Photo by: National Geographic / YouTube
A map of fracking locations with shale. Photo by: National Geographic / YouTube

Transparency Is Vital to Democracy

The phrase of ‘poisoning the well’ is a form of logic used to discredit a side of an argument by undermining factual data.

By voting for President Trump, citizens of the United States indirectly poisoned their own wells. The mistake of allowing the Trump Administration in office has now allowed his team to deregulate fracking on federal and Indian land in the United States.


It is beyond logic to vote for a politician that would remove regulations creating transparency for companies using dangerous chemicals.

Many Americans were hoping that the Trump Administration would be a change in the right direction, but our country has seen some of the most illogical behavior in the history of politics.

The Bureau of Land Management reported:

“This final rule is needed to prevent the unnecessarily burdensome and unjustified administrative requirements and compliance costs of the 2015 rule from encumbering oil and gas development on federal and Indian lands.”

To be fair some government regulations are burdensome and unnecessary, but having to disclose which chemicals fracking companies use, or mandating them to cover surface ponds that house fracking fluids is far from unnecessary.

Watch over a YouTube video from the National Geographic to find out more on the process of fracking.

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