Content marketing strategy. Photo by:
Content marketing strategy. Photo by:

Turner Looks to Expand their Mobile Content Strategy in 2018

This week at CES 2018 several companies have provided future plans for content marketing.

Turner and AT&T both seem to be getting closer to merging together, and the CEO of Turner provided some insight on the direction that the company is heading in for 2018.

“Right now, premiere content companies, companies like us, are racing, we are calling it a race to the center. We are trying to pick up more scaled technology, more data, more ability to reach our fans, and know who are fans are, and AT&T’s data and scale tech platform I think will enable us to have really significant advertising opportunities that we… It’s just going to supercharge the strategy that Turner has been on.” – John Martin, CEO at Turner

Martin also notes that mobile content is going to be a large trend moving forward.
An interesting piece of information he shared was the transition that television companies will be taking to meet the needs of a growing mobile audience.

In contrast, he pointed out that many cable companies have seen healthy ratings in 2017.
Major media companies are continuously looking for innovation with content management.

Review his discussion with Bloomberg on YouTube to find out more on the content marketing strategy at Turner.