Netflix user interface on a Sony. Photo by: Jens Kreuter/
Netflix user interface on a Sony. Photo by: Jens Kreuter/

Net Neutrality Is Not a Living Organism, And Net Neutrality Is Not Dead

Pathetic writers for other media organizations have said the F.C.C. has ‘killed’ Net Neutrality.

Well, they haven’t ran retractions yet, but they sure are changing the wording to their most recent stories following the group lawsuit from Facebook, Google and Netflix.

Why are they changing their wording?

Because Net Neutrality is a set of regulations, it is not a living organism that can be killed. Regulations can be reversed, they can be challenged in court, but they cannot die. At any time, under any administration, these regulations can change. It is the responsibility of the American people to support and vote for politicians that align with our values.

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Some media outlets have used proper wording on Net Neutrality by calling it a repeal. The vote the F.C.C. conducted was to repeal the regulations set forth by the Obama administration. Their vote is going to now be challenged in court.

The Internet Association filed the lawsuit to restore the regulations of Net Neutrality.

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