The Trump Administration May Win Votes In Florida, But the GOP Overall May Lose Votes In South Carolina, California, Maryland and Massachusetts with Offshore Drilling Plans

The Trump Administration has removed Florida from the states that is projected to allow offshore drilling.

After that decision was made, a large backlash of coastal states all over the country inquired why only Florida was removed.

This sparks an even deeper environmental debate on the safety of offshore drilling. If it is safe off the coast of South Carolina, why is it not safe in Florida.

Senators in 12 different states are seeking to be removed from the offshore drilling expansion list.

If oil spills have occur in all sections of the country, why does Florida get special privilege?

The president will have to end his selective use of decision making if he plans to win the election in 2020.

As China works on their renewable energy production, the government in the United States is picking and choosing which states will be tapped for oil and fossil fuels.

Overall, offshore drilling is a threat to the environment and tourism in all sections of our country.

Watch over a report from CNN on YouTube covering this topic.