A consumer checking their smartphone. Photo by: Pexels.com
A consumer checking their smartphone. Photo by: Pexels.com

Citizens of Fort Collins Voted 57.15 Percent In Favor of The City Broadband Plan

Residents in Fort Collins, Colorado have voted in support of building infrastructure to a high speed broadband system.

After the recent vote to repeal Net Neutrality, many consumers are taking the Internet into their own hands instead of allowing the major Internet Service Providers the option to increase rates.


On Reddit residents of the city have noted that Comcast is increasing their speed in hopes of keeping them customers. Overall, it does not appear to be working well.

The City of Fort Collins main website reported:

  • Add telecommunication/broadband services to the Citys electric utility or provide those services through a new telecommunications utility
  • Issue securities and other debt not to exceed $150M
  • Establish governance structure including the ability to:
    • Go into executive sessions for matters relating to competition in telecommunications industry
    • Establish and delegate Council’s authority and power to a board and/or commission, except the power to issue debt
    • Delegate the ability to set and/or change rates or fees to the City Manager

It will take several years to build and get ready. Once the infrastructure is ready residents will be able to connect as a community.

Watch over the video that the City of Fort Collins put together about a year ago on YouTube. For more recent information, browse over the PDF the city produced in August 2017.

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