Fracking and oil pipeline. Photo by: Fred Viljoen /
Fracking and oil pipeline. Photo by: Fred Viljoen /

Mainland Drilling with Fracking and Offshore Drilling Shows Additional Signs of Unsafe Conditions

On Saturday, January 20 the city of Waterbury, Connecticut experienced an oil leak due to a valve malfunction.

This incident clearly shows a reoccurring health and environmental problem with drilling for fossil fuel.


In this case the oil has leaked out into the Naugatuck River.

NBC Connecticut spoke with DEEP Emergency Response Unit Supervisor Jeff Chandler and reported:

“There will be a large portion of the oil that has already moved downstream that we’re not going to be able to collect once it gets to the point where it’s too thin on the surface of the river. We consider it not recoverable, unfortunately,” Chandler said.

The Republican American reported:

‘The spill was blamed on after a ball valve had failed in the oil tank at Somers Thin Strip Co. on 215 Piedmont St. Somers Thin Strip is a subsidiary of Olin Brass Co., which is headquartered in Louisville, Ky.’

The American people are going to have to stop allowing politicians to pollute the environment, and start voting for elected officials that want to ban fracking. There is several countries around the globe that have banned this unsafe method of energy production.

Update: Tuesday, January 23 at 10:13 a.m. MST

Upon review, this incident was caused by a valve malfunction. Originally I reported that it was caused by fracking, and to clarify, the oil that was spilled was manufactured with hydraulic machinery above ground. Technically fracking is a process with hydraulic machinery to extract oil from below ground.

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