Gem and Jam Festival 2018 top 5 artists not to miss. Photo by: Gem and Jam Festival
Gem and Jam Festival 2018 top 5 artists not to miss. Photo by: Gem and Jam Festival

5 Up and Coming Artists Not to Miss at Gem and Jam 2018

The Gem and Jam Festival will be taking place January 25-28 in Tucson, Arizona.

These 5 artists may not be headlining major festivals yet, but they boast big talent that is not to be missed.


It’s easy to get caught up in the headliners at this year’s Gem and Jam Festival. With artists such as STS9, Emancipator, Lettuce, and Greensky Bluegrass, there’s no shortage of top-tier talent at the festival this year. However, we’re big believers that music festivals are places to discover new music. That’s why we here at Crescent Vale have compiled a list of future headliners to check out now.

Browse over these up-and-coming artists, and connect the festival’s main website for additional information.

1. saQi – Hailing from The Polish Ambassador’s Jumpsuit Records, Saqi blends soulful electronica with live trumpet.

2. Flamingosis – This New Jersey native makes electronic beats in respect to the hip-hop tradition to create groovy danceable tracks.

3. Marvel Years – Hardly an up-and-comer, Marvel Years has been gaining traction at lightning speed with his mix of electronic dance music and live guitar riffs.

4. SoDown – This Colorado producer blends bass beats and live saxophone for a combination that is truly sublime.

5. Zoogma – Closing out Thursday night, Zoogma is a live band with a cosmic electronica sound.

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