Google search engine. Photo by:
Google search engine. Photo by:

Enhance Websites with Google Search Console

Google has recently expanded and updated their Search Console to better inform their users on how to index and create proper SEO.

The problem that I have with this latest rollout is that the beta site does not properly read my verified site.


TechCrunch reported:

‘Google is rolling these updates out slowly, though, so you may not be able to see this new version just yet.’

After I submitted and verified my https site, as well as my regular site, I still experience difficulties when trying to access Google Search Console Beta online.

I sent feedback to Google, and once they response with an update, I will update this article. It could be that they are working to get all sites ready for this update.

In addition:

To help other Web developers, I wanted to note that when I upgraded to an https site, my index statistics fell off dramatically. This is because I was not aware of getting my https site verified and properly listed with Google Webmaster.

At the beginning of the year, I started to focus on rebuilding traffic that I had obtained in 2017. I noticed that I was writing twice as much content, but not seeing the results in production.

This update to the Search Console helped inform me of the problems that I was facing, and I continue to work on getting these issues fixed as soon as possible.

If you upgrade a site to https, make sure to have it registered, and included to Google Webmaster for the best results.

Google Search Console Beta screenshot. Photo by: Matthew McGuire

Watch over these YouTube videos to see how to properly get your site indexed, as well as how to improve your SEO.

The second video by Brian Dean is extremely informative and useful for Web producers looking to obtain a higher page ranking for their content.

One of the key lessons I learned from Brian Dean’s video was to find ways to improve my user experience, by providing quality content.


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