The Donald Trump transition. Photo by: Author Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons
The Donald Trump transition. Photo by: Author Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons

Are You Sick of One-Sided News Reporting?

The federal government on Friday was unable to come to an agreement on the budget, and forced a temporary shutdown.

Both Republicans and Democrats have noted that they will work over the weekend to reach an agreement.


We have went through both sides of this political argument, and have produced a breakdown of each point of view to provide a well-balanced article on this subject.

In 2013, the federal government was shutdown for 16 days.

The only way for our country to make progress is by stop blaming one another for problems, and start creating solutions. If one side of the political spectrum wants CHIP, provide it in certain states in 2018, and rotate it for 2019. If one side wants DACA, provide it in certain states for 2018, and rotate it 2019. I find that our federal government lacks the ability to give states the right to decide certain laws. If they are unable to come to an agreement on a divisive regulation, it should be regulated at the state level.


The narrative often being reported directs blame at the Democrats in the Senate after the House of Representatives passed the spending bill. That is only a narrative, and often in mass media, top level narratives are mainly used to divide people.

This tweet is an excellent example of divisional mass media.

Here is another piece of mass media that polls primarily people that align with Democrats.

‘According to a Washington Post-ABC News poll, Americans said by a 20-point margin that they would blame a shutdown on Trump and the GOP rather than Democrats.’

We can all get upset over which party is at blame, but that does not get the United States members of the military paid on time.

It is our responsibility as citizens to connect with our elected officials to get them to see our support for bipartisan regulations.


Currently, Republicans control the majority of the House and Senate, but it takes 60 votes to clear the spending bill in the Senate.

The BBC reported:

‘Five Republicans voted against the bill while five Democrats broke ranks to support it.’

Review this tweet for a slanted point of view coming directly from the White House. It continues to push the blame and responsibility of paying our military on Democrats. This is nonsense, American tax payers on both sides of the political spectrum put revenue into the system that pays military and first responders.

Also, it should be noted that the White House Twitter account is primarily retweeting Republicans, and limiting free speech for Democrats.

Furthermore, when I go to Google to search ‘government shutdown Republicans’ the search results do not immediately provide a news source that shows Republican-based news.


The people trying to bridge this dysfunctional period of time are working with both sides to get federal workers paid with the tax dollars that we all pay into each year. If the shutdown continues, members of our military will go unpaid, and that is beyond disrespectful.

Watch over YouTube videos from both sides of this political debate.

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