If Jeff Sessions Wants to Make Marijuana Illegal, He Is Going to Have to Create a Substitute to Generate Tax Dollars (Without Raising Taxes)

The GOP have put to much authority into the hands of one person with Jeff Sessions. His recent move to take away the power on the state level to manage the criminalization of marijuana is a mistake that effects the entire party.

Even the Koch Brothers are against his decision. When the Koch Brothers are against a law, the smart bet is to go with the money, because Sessions can’t afford to go against the lobbyists with big bank accounts.

The marijuana industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. It is currently generating millions in tax revenue.

I can see that there is some negative sides to allowing adults to consume marijuana. I’m not saying it should be used daily, I’m not saying to smoke and then drive, but I am saying that if the majority of veterans are asking to legalize the substance, I would give them priority over Jeff Sessions.

Why doesn’t Jeff Sessions go after the tobacco, alcohol or pharmaceutical industries?

Currently his decision will be reviewed during the construction of the spending bill that is due by January 19 to avoid a government shutdown.

Watch over a humorous clip from Jimmy Kimmel on Jeff Sessions.