National park. Photo by:
National park. Photo by:

National Parks Will Remain Open, But No Staff Will be there to Provide Safety and Guidance

The National Park Service is temporarily shutdown due to the lack of bipartisan behavior in Congress.

Visitor centers will be closed, but the parks will remain open. In many cases the parks with dangerous conditions should be toured with extreme caution.


Some monuments are closed such as the Statue of Liberty and Independence Hall.

Additionally, the bathrooms at many parks may become problematic. Visitors should also take their garbage with them to prevent backup.

The NPS has issued the following statement on Twitter:

‘Alert: The public will be barred from accessing camping sites at any of the 59 U.S. national parks if the government shuts down.’

The National Park Service also issued the following statement on Facebook:

NPR Report on the Impact that the Government Shutdown has on National Parks

Tune in and listen to find out more on the impact that the temporary shutdown will have on national parks.

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