A New Political Hero Emerges from Maine known as Senator Susan Collins (R-ME)

Which Republican Senator will be the next hero?

The overturn process regarding Net Neutrality is gaining momentum with all 49 Democrat Senators and Susan Collins (R-ME) supporting the Congressional Review Act.

The process of overturning the repeal with Net Neutrality will have to obtain one more vote from the Senate, pass through Congress, and if it makes it to the desk of President Trump, there is a strong chance he will veto the reinstatement of Net Neutrality. That being said, it will put the blame of removing the regulations regarding Net Neutrality on President Trump, and make it even harder for him to win the election in 2020.

The CRA has successfully worked in favor of rules that Donald Trump and the Republican party has wanted to overturn stemming from the Obama administration.

In contrast, Net Neutrality is an issue that Obama was in favor of, as well as 83% of Americans that were polled.

This case will become more of an issue that connects public support versus Republican Senators looking for re-election in the mid-terms, as well as public awareness on President Trump decision making skills.

In addition to the CRA, over twenty states have filed a lawsuit over the ruling from the F.C.C. on this subject.

One positive element behind this case is the demand of information from the public on the political process.

Currently we have to connect with our state Senators by phone to voice our opinion. The people to oppose the repeal of Net Neutrality will have to get active in the mid-term election by voting for those that align with our point of view.

In a worst case scenario, the repeal of Net Neutrality stands. We will then have to wait until 2020 to voice of opinion once again by collectively getting out, and voting in the presidential election.

There is a solid chance that Trump or Congress will block the overturn of Net Neutrality. It is up to the American people to block them for re-election.

Watch over this brilliant conversation on YouTube with Joe Rogan, Eddie Huang and F.C.C. Member Jessica Rosenworcel.