Netflix logo. Photo by: Netflix / YouTube
Netflix logo. Photo by: Netflix / YouTube

Entertainment Redefined

Netflix continues to roll out new programming in 2018. The streaming network has been fighting back against Net Neutrality to keep content on the Internet fair and balanced.

They are set to have a large selection of new shows come out during this year. Netflix will be streaming dramatic, comedic, informative and thrilling content to consumers.


Browse over the trailers and previews for each of the four selected programs from Netflix.

David Letterman on Netflix

The king of late night returns to television with a new program called My Next Guest Needs No Induction starring David Letterman.

The legend of interviews has decided to come back to spark conversation with a league of industry leaders.

Recently on the Howard Stern show via SiriusXM the king of media talked about the production style going into My Next Guest Needs No Induction. Stern pointed out the lack of direction with the show on this radio program. After watching some of the material from the first episode, I strongly agree with his point of view.

On one hand, I love David Letterman, and his interview style. On another hand, I want to see a production team take more creative control to provide continuity to the show.

An element that I have noticed with Netflix is the freedom of expression and creative control that the focal figures have over their content. It is my theory that music and film works best when a producer and a team of people refine ideas, in comparison to a band or a focal figure guiding the ship. Furthermore, I want creative minds to have some creative control to relate their ideas, but when they have too many responsibilities it is disclosed within the work.

Browse over a YouTube playlist covering multiple videos on My Next Guest Needs No Induction starring David Letterman.

Dirty Money

Alex Gibney is one of the creators of Enron and Going Clear, and has recently released Dirty Money on Netflix. This documentary series takes a closer look at some of the morally corrupt businesses in America.

His form of storytelling can be considered confrontational, but I find it necessary in many cases. In other instances I find that creating content on injustice and abusive practices brings awareness to them, and could perpetuate these problems. I have a hard stance against reporting news that involves violence, abuse or greed. This is because I do not want to bring a spotlight to those sections of life. During graduate school I studied how when the media sensationalizes a story that it can cause a domino effect relating to more incidents of a similar story.

Some stories do need to be reported on to allow people information to avoid unsafe living conditions. That being said, these type of stories do not need to be ran on the front page of newspapers, or broadcasted within a twenty four hour news cycle. I find that to be brainwashing people into a normality of certain subjects. It can condition people into thinking that this behavior is acceptable, even when the narrative to the story is against certain subjects.

When it comes to the environment, I have seen the comments and heard people fight back against scientific information because they were conditioned to do so. It is clear that fossil fuels create global warming, but reporting on it with the current president could create backlash.

The pharmaceutical industry is another clear example of people wanting to create resistance in the face of injustice. The comments within the trailer to Dirty Money show support for Martin Khkreli. It is clear that he unjustly increased prices to Daraprim, but people who do not have AIDS still support him. Trust me, anyone dying of AIDS does not support him, but many heartless Americans do not understand the problem of securing a drug that would keep them alive.

Watch over the trailer to Dirty Money on YouTube.

Coach Snoop

The musician known as Snoop Dogg, or Snoop Lion is hitting the field with a new documentary series by Netflix.

I bring up Snoop Lion because during another documentary film I watch on Snoop Dogg had him saying on record he would plan to keep that name moving forward. A quick note to rappers, switching your name does not reinvent yourself to a global audience.

This series does provide a smart and thoughtful look at the change in society from being a positive role model. It is easy for rappers to brag about the corruption in the world, but it is a whole new ball game to hit a field and reframe how the world looks ahead.

Snoop Dogg does provide guidance in a positive manner, but I would personally like him to step away from sports, and put the spotlight on producing artificial intelligence to solve life threatening illnesses. If we are going to be progressive, lets be progressive.

“One thing about life, you are going to lose more than you are going to win, but are you going to get up?” – Snoop Dogg

Bill Nye Saves the World

Science is back with the second season of Bill Nye Saves the World.

Bill Nye continues to research and collect data on some of the most important issues within the science community. In an era where climate change and other scientific principals are questioned, this show provides an extremely valuable point of view.

One point that I heard Ricky Gervais make on the Stephen Colbert show about science stood out to me. He mentioned that if you destroyed all the scientific facts and data today, that in a thousand years those facts would reappear because the methods of calculating the data would remain.

Watch over the trailer and catch the show currently streaming on Netflix.

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