Crowd reaction frpm Katt Williams. Photo by: Netflix / YouTube
Crowd reaction frpm Katt Williams. Photo by: Netflix / YouTube

Comedy Genius Arrives to Netflix this January

Katt Williams is one of the most talented comedians in history. His ability to perform unfiltered material is above par to other standup comedians.

This January 16 he will release a new stand-up special titled Great America on Netflix.


One of my favorite elements to Katt Williams is his fearless method at exposing the abuse of power within the entertainment industry, as well as in politics. If you are divided by politics and cannot take a joke about Donald Trump, I suggest you watch this special, and open your mind.

As an independent media producer, I strongly support his material. He brings up religious points of view that I agree with, and overall delivers an honest form of comedy.

Watch over the trailer for his upcoming stand-up special on Netflix.

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