Electric Cars Are Taking Over the Roadways, But People Still Want to Debate If A State Law Should Force Consumers to Pump their Own Gas

Twenty eighteen has begun with a debate in Oregon and New Jersey that has many people in the United States clinging onto laws that force consumers to have someone pump their gas for them at fueling stations.

First, our country should be far more focused on outlawing gasoline-based engines, and forcing people to use renewable energy to fuel their cars.

In other developed countries, they are moving away from vehicles that cause pollution at a much faster rate than the United States. Our current administration is limiting the progress in clean energy as much as possible. This results with millions of Americans still using fossil fuels to power their cars.

Second, the concept of forcing someone to have a gas station attendant pump your gas for you creates more jobs. Yes, these jobs are low wage, but they still can get people employed overall.

If you consider that a gas station would have to hire more people to pump your gas in comparison to a self-service model; it falls into an automation debate over jobs. If the gas stations in Oregon and New Jersey do not hire more people, and create a larger wait time on the consumer, than it does create conflict.

The service industry is in a state of influx with automation taking over several jobs.

As consumers we have the power to put pressure on elected officials to provide jobs, and add regulations to corporate companies that want to move to automation to save money.

Review some of the conversation via the KTVL CBS 10 News, Medford Facebook page to gain more insight from locals in Oregon.